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Bus– Due to the extensive routes, buses do not accommodate courtesy riders.  It is recommended that an adult meet kindergarten students and/or any student who is the only one at a bus stop.  Parent requests or complaints regarding bus service should be directed to the transportation department at 547-7810.

Bicycles– Students riding a bicycle (or skateboard) to school must wear a helmet. (s.316.2065 F.S.).  Once on campus, bicycles and skate boards must be walked, parked, and locked in the bike rack. Please note that skateboards may not have lockable access, however, they will remain outside in the bicycle rack areas.  Roller blades and scooters are not permitted on school grounds.

Dismissal Changes
Click here to email dismissal changes.   We accept dismissal changes up until 2:15 PM every day except Wednesdays.  1:15 PM is the deadline on Wednesdays.

To ensure your child’s safe and prompt departure from and arrival to school, please adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Utilize the entrance roadway and circular drive provided, for a smooth and safe arrival and dismissal for all grade levels.  Specific drop-off and pick-up locations are indicated on the arrival and dismissal information flyer.  Children should exit and enter only from the right side of the vehicles.  Faculty and staff will assist.  Cars should not be parked and left unattended during peak hours in the morning and afternoon.  Visitors to the school office should park in the parking lot.
  2. Children should proceed immediately to their classrooms when dropped off.
  3. Fire Department regulations require parents to remain with their cars at arrival/dismissal times and maintain a single line only.
  4. All roadways in the immediate area of the campus are heavily traveled and caution is urged at all times.  No children should be picked up or dropped off in the parking area.
  5. Parents are required to utilize the car hangers provided in order to help identify cars and keep our children safe.
  6. Note: Parent pick-up students, not picked up by 4:00 p.m. or by 3:00 p.m. on Wed., will be placed in our Extended Day Program.  Parents will be responsible for a $60.00 registration fee plus daily child care fees.
  7. The parent drop-off/pick-up area is located at the front of the school from the EAST parking lot only. Parents may not leave a car unattended in this area.
  8. Drivers are required to follow the instructions of the staff in order to keep the pick-up line moving safely.
  9. Students are not permitted on campus prior to 8:10 a.m. unless they are registered with the Extended Day Enrichment Program.

Dismissal during the first weeks of school may be lengthy; however, we appreciate your patience and cooperation in the safe dismissal of all children. We highly discourage use of cellphones when driving on campus.