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Information for Parents

The The 2020-2021 Student Handbook can be found in your student’s planner.  This Handbook was developed to answer many of the commonly asked questions that one may have during the school year.  Because the Handbook contains information about student rights and responsibilities, parents and students are responsible for knowing its contents.  Please take the time to become familiar with the following information and keep this Handbook available for your use.  For your convenience, links to some commonly asked questions or concerns are on the right hand side of this page.  It is our hope that a careful understanding of the enclosed material will lead to a rewarding and successful school year. It can be a valuable reference during the school year and a means to avoid confusion and misunderstandings when questions arise.

The school reserves the right to interpret the content of this Handbook, including the rules and regulations governing the academic and non-academic conduct of students. Our school reserves the right to modify and/or amend the content of this Handbook at any time during the year.  If any written modification or amendment is made to this Handbook, a copy of such modification or amendment will be available on the school website.

If you have any questions about the Handbook or any of its policies, please contact the principal’s office.

Absence Information 

Reporting Absences

Any student who has been absent from school shall provide a note from a parent or guardian within forty-eight (48) hours of returning to school stating the cause of the absence.  Failure to provide a note will result in an automatic unexcused absence.  However, the fact that the student provides a note does not require the school administration to excuse the absence.  The principal or designee will decide whether the absence meets the criteria for an excused absence, and that decision will be final.  The administration may request additional documentation, such as a doctor’s note.  The excuse must state specific dates of absence, and must be signed by the treating, licensed physician.  After fifteen (15) days of absence, whether excused or unexcused, a student must present verification from a licensed doctor for all subsequent absences due to illness.  Special circumstances may justify a review by the School District’s Health Services personnel.

For more information on Student attendance and a list of what absences are considered excused and unexcused, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct, pages 18-21, which can be found on this website as well as the St. Johns County School district’s website.