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Field Studies


Educational field study trips are planned by grade levels and by certain clubs and organizations.  When a child’s history suggests that he/she is likely to present a discipline problem which jeopardizes his/her safety or the safety of others, that child may be denied permission to participate in a field study.

No children, including siblings, relatives, or friends, may attend a field study unless they are part of the group for whom the trip was arranged.  Only parents and guardians of children for whom the trip was arranged may serve as chaperones and must be approved and cleared through a criminal record check.  All participating students must ride the school bus to and from those field study trips that begin and end during the regular school day. Parents may elect to transport their own children to a field study or an event if it occurs outside of the hours for a regular school day.  Administration reserves the right to revoke field study privileges, deny refunds, or approve alternative means of transportation on an individual, case-by-case basis.