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ELL Testing Accommodations Letter – Spanish

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3rd Reading PBT

4th Reading PBT

5th Reading PBT

6th Reading PBT

7th Reading CBT

8th Reading CBT



3rd Math PBT

4th Math PBT

5th Math PBT

6th Math PBT

7th Math CBT

8th Math CBT

Algebra 1 Honors CBT

Geometry CBT






4th Writing PBT

5th Writing PBT

6th Writing PBT

7th Writing CBT

8th Writing CBT





5th Science Assessment Letter

8th Science Assessment Letter










7th Civics Assessment Letter












VRA is in need of proctors to assist with testing this spring. If you are interested in proctoring, please visit the links below. Proctors CANNOT assist in classrooms where they have a family member. 

Proctors, Spring Testing, K-2

Proctors, Spring Testing, 3-5