Volunteers, Visitors and Vendors

In an effort to provide safety and security to our students and staff, we check identification for all vendors, visitors, volunteers and parents. Each time you enter the front reception area you will be asked to present your I.D. The three forms of acceptable ID’s are a Drivers License, a State I.D. and a Passport. Visitors and volunteers must have an approved School Access Form on file. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for processing so please plan ahead.  Keep in mind this clearance applies to all visitors, including grandparents.  If you have any questions concerning your volunteer status, please contact Tara Smullen, Front Desk Receptionist at 904-547-4090 or  [email protected].


Anyone entering the building during school hours must have an approved school access application on file. If a grandparent, aunt, friend, etc., wish to attend an event, he/she must follow this procedure.  To complete the form go click on school access, complete the application, and submit.   Please allow no less than four weeks for the application to be approved.  School-aged visitors, such as cousins or friends are not permitted to join a student for the day.  Only children who are registered at VRA may attend classes.


All parents must complete a school access application if they wish to volunteer in a classroom, participate in any class activities, or eat in the lunchroom.   To complete the form click on school access, complete the application, and submit.  Expect the clearance process to take up to four weeks. You will be notified from the district via email or you may contact VRA to check the status of your application.  Teachers determine and pre-approve volunteer duties within their classroom.  It is the expectation that volunteers abide by the students dress code when volunteering at VRA.