Registration Information

Welcome to the Ridge!

For 2018-2019 Registrations, please use the Online Registration System by clicking the link at the upper right hand corner of this registration page.

Once you have submitted your Online Registration, please contact Ashley Schaefer at [email protected] for an appointment to complete your registration. Registration appointments can be made from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

If you are unable to use the Online Registration system, please click here for the Forms to Register. 

Upcoming 2019-2020 Kindergarten Registration Information

Beginning on March 1, 2019, you will be able to go online to Pre-register your Kindergarten (KG) student.  There will not be any on-site registration dates.  All KG registrations and required documents must be completed and uploaded via the Online Registration system.

Once you complete your online registration, you will email Ashley Schaefer at [email protected].  If your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.   This email will include a link to Sign Up Genius to pick a time for a Kindergarten Screening and a Kindergarten Profile sheet for you to fill out.  You will bring the Profile sheet along with the original Birth Certificate to your screening appointment.

Here is the list of mandatory documents needed for registration:

  • Three proofs of residency (Mortgage Statement or lease agreement, utility bill, and one more bill)
  • Original Birth Certificate – Child must turn 5 on or before September 1st.
  • Completed Florida Immunization form 680 (out of state immunizations must be transferred to FL form)
  • Physical dated 8/10/18 or later (can be any physical from any state)
  • Driver’s License for identification purposes only

If your registration is incomplete, you will receive an email stating which documents are outstanding.  Your registration will not be complete until we receive all required documents.  You will receive a confirmation email from Ashley Schaefer or Paige Lange.

We will hold a screening date in late July for all the summer registrations that will include all those with summer birthdays who do not have current physicals.

For grades 1 – 8, you can pre-register NEW students for the 2019-2020 school year via the Online Registration system beginning March 1, 2019.   We will review and contact you starting May 28, 2019 to complete your registration.

If you have any questions regarding 2019-2020 registrations, please contact Ashley Schaefer at 904-547-4101 or Paige Lange at 904-547-4096.

For address changes, please complete Student Change of Address Form and submit with required documents.

Attention all 6th graders!!
The Tdap immunization shot is required for all 7th graders and must be recorded on a Florida 680 form. As soon as your student receives this shot, the form can be brought to the front office, faxed (904-547-4095) or emailed (to [email protected]) even if the student is still in 6th grade.  Per district policy, all 7th grade students that do not have this shot will not be allowed to start school the year they are entering 7th grade.  Please contact Paige Lange, Registrar at 904-547-4096 with any questions.

Required Immuniations for PK – 6th Grade
Four or five doses of DTaP,
Four or five doses of IPV
Two doses of MMR
Three doses of Hep B
Two doses of Varicella

For information regarding immunizations, please call:

St. Johns County Health Department
1955 U.S. One South
St. Augustine, Florida 32086