Dress Code

It is our expectation that the learning environment at Valley Ridge Academy remain focused on academic excellence.  Dressing appropriately for school will help students remain focused on high achievement.  Students should be proud of the way he/she dress.  Cleanliness, good grooming, neatness and modesty are important standards of appearance.  The administration has the discretion to determine what is appropriate and inappropriate any time during the school year. Please review the dress code before planning a shopping trip for school clothes.

  • Leggings, J’eggings, tights, yoga pants, and 100% spandex garments must be covered by an approved outer garment that covers the area from the waist to four inches above the knee.
  • No cleavage, midriff or revealing clothing
  • No sleeveless clothing or muscle shirts, unless worn underneath appropriate outerwear
  • No clothes with holes, rips, tears or frays
  • No spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, off the shoulder shirts, strapless tops or strapless dresses, unless worn underneath appropriate outerwear
  • No exposed underwear or underwear worn as outer apparel
  • No pajamas worn as clothing or breakaway sports clothing
  • No bandanas, gloves, dog collars/chokers, or heavy chains
  • No flip-flops, house slippers or backless shoes
  • No steel-toed boots, platform shoes, or roller-skate shoes
  • No extreme make-up or hair styles (no shaved Mohawks, no numbers or letters may be shaved into the sides/backs of heads)
  • No unnatural hair color may be used to color or highlight
  • No facial piercing
  • Belts, overalls, and suspender straps must be fastened and worn appropriately at all times
  • Shirts do not have to be tucked in, unless the shirt is determined to be a hazard or a distraction by the administration
  • ALL pants must be worn on the waist
  • Hats, caps, sunglasses, visors or other headgear may not be worn in school. These items must be placed in lockers/designated areas and may not be removed until students are dismissed to go home
  • Shirts with profanity, confederate flags, or inappropriate slogans or advertising alcohol, drugs, sex, weapons, racial and/or ethnic slurs, sadistic or violent themes will not be permitted
  • E. clothes should not be worn during regular class time.
  • Hand rings with sharp points or rings that cover more than one finger are not permitted
  • Students are not to write, apply glitter or place stickers on their bodies. They should not have markings to include ink or marker
  • All dresses, skirts, and shorts must be worn no shorter than four inches above the knee
  • Pants must be appropriate length and not touch the floor
  • Pants with words or slogans printed on the seat are not permitted
  • ANYTHING not mentioned above that is considered a distraction to the learning environment by the administration will be considered a violation

Dress Code Violation Procedures:

  1. The parent will be asked to bring a change of clothing to school, if the students do not have an appropriate change of clothes.
  2. Students will wait in the Responsibility Room until the appropriate change of clothing arrives, as determined by administration.
  3. If a parent is unavailable, a student will be sent to the Responsibility Room for the remainder of the day, as determined by administration.